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Save Money on Water Charges

The introduction of water charges and the water shortages experienced during recent years has caused some concern in certain industries and institutions. Little do we realize how much the farmers, hotels, schools, colleges, horticulture and food processing industries, restaurants and nursing homes right down to the local car wash rely on the local authority water supply system. The problems associated with water shortages are probably not considered until they become YOUR problems. The farmer with no water at milking time, the hotel with no showers, the dry car wash, consider the effects of a water shortage on your business.

Water is a very valuable commodity and the costs involved for the local authorities in providing our water on tap is a huge part of their annual budgets. There are very few certainties in today’s Ireland but here’s one, “water charges will become a very considerable part of your business’s budget within the coming years”.

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In recent times we at PUMPLANT have had great success in tackling both the continuity of supply and the cost of fresh water to our clients.
A college in Templeogue with over 600 students is now using water from a borehole well we drilled on its premises, we installed pumping and filtration equipment and piped the treated water to the distribution tanks.
We estimate that the costs involved will be recovered by the college within two years, there will be an annual plant maintenance charge but this will be a small fraction of the cost of metered water from the County Council.

One of the biggest resort hotels in West Wicklow experienced problems in both 2010 and 2011, water shortages and low pressure are not welcome guests when you are catering for weddings, business conferences and the like. In conjunction with Aidan Dempsey Well Drilling, we drilled a 6 inch diameter well in the grounds of the hotel, we found a good source of water at approximately 60 meters and within a week we had replaced the local authority water supply with water from the new well.

We supplied and installed all pumping equipment, pipes, cables, complete electrical and ground works. When we analysed the water it was slightly hard so we installed a water softener unit. In the unlikely event of any contamination we always recommend the installation of an Ultra Violet Filtration System. The total cost of this project will be recovered within two years. When it comes to budget time in 2013/14 water charges will be one of the few items that will have reduced to a mere fraction of previous years. The knowledge that the supply will not be subject to reduced flow or pressure in extreme weather conditions will make life a lot easier too.

Well water systems will require maintenance to prevent any major problems arising. This is usually done on an annual basis but in some larger projects we will recommend six monthly servicing.
A comprehensive service will ensure that all of the pressure system is thoroughly checked, the filtration system has its media levels topped up, cartridge filter elements replaced and Ultra Violet tubes replaced. We can also have a complete Chemical and Microbiological analysis carried out to ensure that the water quality meets the standards required.
Occasionally the well pump system may fail, where there is an existing mains water supply we will ensure that if the well system stops or its pressure drops, the mains water will automatically take over and business will carry on as normal. A system failure will cause an audible alarm or a beacon to activate so that a service engineer can be called to site.

At PUMPLANT we stock a full range of pumps and equipment so that a system failure can usually be put right within 24 hours.

If you would like any further information or a site visit from us to assess your water supply needs and possibilities of reducing costs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. We offer a simple and effective way for you to take control of your metered water costs. We will reduce or possibly eliminate your reliance on metered water, the pay back time is short, usually between two to four years, after that time your costs will be fraction of what you are paying today.

At PUMPLANT we offer a one stop shop solution to reducing the cost of metered water, from the initial consultation, well drilling, all civil works, pipe work, electrical, water analysis and filtration, pumps and pressure systems.


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