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City Mains Water Booster Systems

Occupants of medium and high rise properties have to remedy problems associated with low water pressure as experienced throughout Dublin City.

Pumplant Ltd. has vast experience of installing and maintaining Booster Systems in such buildings.

Our systems are normally tank-less (Pressure Vessel only), though we supply and install Water Storage Tanks to regulate flow in the event that the Mains Flow is unable to keep up with the buildings peak requirements.

The Mains Water pressure in Dublin City could be as low as 1bar or approximately 10 metres head. The average height of each floor or story in a building is in the region of 2.5 metres, so a 4 story building will receive very little water without the assistance of a pump.

The sub-zero temperatures experienced in 2010/2011 led to mains water pipes bursting and left Dublin Local Authorities struggling to provide supplies. More than 5,000 leaks were reported and demand surged to 625 million litres in one day.

leaking water pipe

Just one of the many burst mains-water pipes in Dublin City.

booster pump

A Selection of Mains-water Booster Systems.

Buildings with water storage facilities were saved from the associated water shortage difficulties as their systems could store water even when the pressure was extremely low and if the pumps have low level protection fitted, no damage will result from Local Authorities water shutdown.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and we can call to your premises, suggest solutions to pressure problems and supply a quotation for the work.

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