Well Drilling, Maintenance and Testing

We can provide you with the best advice based on our 35 years experience in the Water Well Business. We have knowledge of the best Well Drillers in the area. We arrange a site inspection and on completion of the well, we design the best pumping system suited to your needs, whether this is Domestic, Agricultural or Industrial. We offer a start to finish job as we can organise the necessary electrical work, bring the water supply to your premises and securing the well with a suitable manhole and cover.


In many cases where properties with private wells are changing hands, we are contracted to carry out an inspection of the well and pumping equipment. We report on the condition of the Well, Pump and Filtration Equipment if any. Most importantly we test the water for any possible contamination. We think that this is a small but very important investment for anyone buying a property with a private well.

Commercial And Domestic Water Rates:

Water Rates are now a major item on many balance sheets and the recent upsurge in well drilling by Farms, Hotels, Pubs and Institutions is paying dividends.*

* Did you know that the entire cost of Well Drilling, fitting Pumping Equipment and Filter can be less than the Metering costs for 1 year?

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