Water Treatment & Filtration

Clean Water is something we all take for granted. Unfortunately, water contamination is never too far from the Headlines. To ensure that your family's water is clean and fresh-tasting, we can provide you with the necessary filtration systems to rectify virtually any problem.

The Well Water Filtration Systems offered by Pumplant Ltd. can help improve the taste and smell of the water while removing potentially dangerous chemicals, sediments or bacterial contamination according to Nationally recognised Water Standards.

We can advise on Filtration Equipment for the elimination of Iron, Lime (Hard Water), Manganese and Nitrates.

For water contaminated with Bacteria, we supply and install Ultra-Violet Light purification systems.

We can advise on Sample Testing for chemical and bacteriological analysis and we advise Home Owners with private wells to have the water quality checked on a regular basis.

Cool, Clean & Refreshing Drinking Water

Water Purification Equipment